Find out why Hill & Co Property Management is right for you.

Hill & Co Property Management offers full-service property management to property owners, landlords, and investors throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, helping you to maximize your luxury real estate investments. Below is a summary of the property management services we offer.


Leasing is a critical component to a profitable real estate investment. Hill & Co Property Management has selected a team of highly qualified leasing professionals with extensive knowledge in historical performance, rental market trends, and ways to increase value. Our team utilizes high-end print and web-based marketing systems to attract the most desirable tenants. We distribute to over 40 of the leading rental web sites, and we have a dedicated rental portal to track and screen applications in the most updated and efficient manner. Once an applicant passes the screening and verification process, our team of agents will execute the lease and ensure that all ordinance and disclosure information is in compliance. We are also your liaison with tenants once the lease agreement is in place, ensuring a smooth transition from leasing to management services.


Whether you need us to maintain your property, to attract renters and buyers, or handle issues for your existing tenants, quality service is most important to us. Your property will be managed as if it were ours. Our team of highly qualified, reliable and trustworthy personnel and subcontractors will ensure your property is properly repaired and maintained—covering everything from “handyman” and carpentry work to cleaning and janitorial services to plumbing, electrical and HVAC to painting and landscaping. We work closely with you to regularly inspect your property, provide estimates on work and repairs, and ensure both you and your tenants remain in compliance of contracts and regulations.


Our comprehensive accounting services are conducted confidentially and in compliance with industry standards. This includes: collection of monthly rents; monthly and end-of-year statements; check preparation (with management fee and maintenance deducted); expense review and payment; pre-notification of expenses and repairs; and more.

Additional Services Available:

  • Evictions served, warrants issued, and court appearance, if necessary
  • Payment of mortgages, insurance, and taxes
  • Placement of deposits in escrow account
  • Deposit of net proceeds to your bank

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